Middle hard spring mattress.

Hard coco fiber mattress.

Recommended for people who like a medium hard mattress. The only mattress produced by Stroma with HR foam.

The classic hard Orthopaedic mattress with the correct back support for people who like to sleep on their back.

Coco fiber make mattress more elastic and less hard. Recommended to people who prefer natural materials and harder mattress.

Thinner springs are making the mattress softer.
Recommended to kids, teenegars and people with small weight.

The exclusive mattress with double spring action system – Pocket and MicroPocket springs.
Double spring action system and high quality materials assuares a better sleep for longer.

The higher Pocket springs in combination with natural Latex, make Passion an extremely comfortable mattress with a flexible core and soft surface.

Reva mattress is a simple mattress with Pocket springs with correct support and good relaxation, recommended for people who prefer a medium hard anatomic mattress.

The Orthopaedic mattress for special occasions because of its height – only 17cm. Recommended for people with low weight, teenagers, as well for bunk beds.

Olympia, mainly because of the smaller diameter of micro-Pocketed springs, responds better to body movements especially for couples with different body mass index.

Orfeas is the ideal choice for all people who prefer medium hard  mattresses, is suitable for people who like to lie more on their side or on their stomach.

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