Mattresses with Pocket springs

Las Vegas

The exclusive mattress with double spring action system – Pocket and MicroPocket springs.
Double spring action system and high quality materials assuares a better sleep for longer.

LasVegas is a medium hardness mattress but, due to its construction, offers incredible back support even for people with more weight.
Mattress is suitable for people sleeping in all three dominant positions as well for couples with similar or different body mass index.
The special characteristics of its cover make it also ideal for persons with allergic or sensitive skin.
  • Mattress covered with fabric Bio Cotton® which is better than other natural fabric/material because no chemical products are used during the seed, cultivation, harvesting and woven. The advantages of sleeping on an organic cotton (Bio Cotton®) fabric are, without any kind of doubt, the prevention from skin allergies and the higher migration of liquids through fibers.
  • The fabric quilted with natural linnen wadding on one side and with natural camel wool wadding on the other. LasVegas_mini
  • Flat steel frame around both sides on both spring systems - Pocket and MicroPocket.
  • Special springs reinforcement at each spring system at sides give additional support to the edges and do not allow the edge of the mattress to tilt downwards.
  • Pocket springs covered with white cotton insulator acting as interlayer between springs and latex.
  • MicroPocket springs covered with hard cotton insulator acting as interlayer between springs and Memory foam.
  • Additional ventilators at sides.
  • Mattress  height – 38cm.
SIZES (cm) 
160 x 200 180 x 200 200 x 200

Other sizes – under order!

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