Mattresses with Pocket springs


Orfeas is the ideal choice for all people who prefer medium hard  mattresses, is suitable for people who like to lie more on their side or on their stomach.

It's also suitable for couples with similar and different body mass index.
  • Mattress covered by OLIVE OIL fabric which are developed with a unique oil-based finish. The Olive Oil treatment gives a sensation of freshness during the night. The fabric has a natural antibacterial action which ensures skin regeneration.
  • The fabric quilted with double natural cotton wadding on one side, double natural wool wadding on the other.
  • Flat steel frame around both sides. certificate orfeas
  • Special springs reinforcement at sides giving additional support to the edges, not allowing, thus, the edge of the mattress to tilt downwards.
  • Pocket springs are covered with white cotton insulator acting as interlayer between springs and double white thermo bonded cotton.
  • Additional ventilators at sides.
  • Mattress  height – 25cm.
SIZES (cm)
80 x 200
90 x 200
100 x 200
120 x 200
140 x 200
160 x 200
180 x 200
200 x 200

Other sizes – under order!

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