Top Mattresses

With Top mattress you will not only protect your mattress and prolong its life, but also will get additional comfort and make your current bed more comfortable.
Stroma offers different types of Top Mattresses, ranging from simple, consisting of cotton and wool fibers (available also for kids), till thicker and more flexible - with more elastic material.


Top mattress “Latex” not only protects your mattress and prolong its life, but also offers additional comfort, especially to hard mattresses with more natural materials.

  • Top mattress covered with a stretchable cotton/polyester antimicrobial silver fibre fabric which prevents the growth of a wider range of bacteria, including mold. Silver fibre fabric, among all elements is the best electrical conductor, this peculiarity allows the immediate release of unwanted electrostatic charges. Over and above, Silver stabilizes body temperature, thanks to its irradiating and reflecting power
  • Fabric is quilted with natural cotton wadding on one side and  with natural wool wadding on the other side
  • Natural latex is 2cm high in the middle.
SIZES (cm)
80 x 200
90 x 200
100 x 200
120 x 200
140 x 200
160 x 200
180 x 200
200 x 200

Other sizes – under order!

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