Economy class Mattresses


Recommended for people who like a medium hard mattress. The only mattress produced by Stroma with HR foam.

  • Mattress covered with SENSOVEL fabric which is made from a particular viscose fiber. Viscose has a silk – like aesthetic with superb drape and feel, it is moisture absorbent and breathable. It does not build up static electricity.
  • The fabric quilted with natural cotton wadding on one side and with natural wool wadding on the other.
  • Pocket springs are covered with HR foam.
  • 7cm thick HR foam at sides for long time use.
  • Mattress  height – 22cm.
SIZES (cm)
80 x 200
90 x 200
100 x 200
120 x 200
140 x 200
160 x 200
180 x 200
200 x 200

Other sizes – under order!

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