Comfortable sleep is the result of the combination of a good mattress and a good pillow.
A good pillow provides proper neck, head and shoulder support. Like the mattress, there is a pillow suitable for each one, also for kids, that’s why we have a variety of Pillows with different shapes and different materials. Pillows are not washable.


Latex pillows made of natural and ecological latex, their surface perforated with small holes that help the air circulate, giving you a refreshing feeling while you sleep.
Latex pillows are for whoever likes soft pillows.

Available also for kids.

Pillow covered with hypoallergenic washable pillow case.

You can choose between:
45 x 65 x h14 cm
45 x 65 x h12-14 cm
28 x 48 x h5.5 cm
latex classic
latex anatomic latex junior

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